Lesson Plans 3/20-3/24


Objectives- The student will identify improvements in manufacturing in the Northeast and explain how they helped the regions economy. The student will analyze the impact of the telegraph. The student will consider the impact the mechanical reaper had on farmers.

Instruction- check Gold Rush postcard pg. 71 in journal and Manifest Destiny puzzle pg. 73 in journal, read pages 426-431, notes outline,


Objectives- The student will discuss the establishment of the factory system. The student will list the problems when working in a factory and consider why the conditions existed. The student will explain the effect of industry on the growth of cities.

Instruction- warm up Morse Code, conditions of factory workers, different groups of workers, growth of cities,


Objectives- The student will consider the slow process of cotton harvesting and how this affected profits. The student will describe the Southern economy in 1850. The student will consider the reasons why industries did not develop in the South.

Instruction- warm up pg. 437, read pages 437-440, compare and contrast the North and South,


Objectives- The student will list the four categories that most white southerners fit into during thus time period. The student will list the differnce between yeomen and tenant farmers.

Instruction- Pictionary warm up, read pages 441-447, four groups, start handout,

Fri- work on handout from Chapter 15 section 4


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